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Good Media Sources

Updated: Feb 2

"Intensely reading the newspaper in Addis Ababa" by Terje S. Skjerdal is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Technology companies are increasingly controlling what media we are able to watch. They do this with their search algorithms, directing us to news sites that they want us to read, and preventing us from seeing sites they deem as off limits. Essentially, any news site that challenges the existing order are hidden from searches. But for Christians who are trying to understand prophecy, and the nature of governmental powers, we must be able to read a variety of good reporting without any censorship. The following are sites I have found to be useful.


U. of Pennsylvania List of Progressive sites

Open Democracy

The Bulwark

Matt Taibbi


Glen Greenwald

The Racket - Antiwar

Michael Moore

Thom Hartmann

Breach Media

Gray zone


Consortium News

Breach Repairers

Tom Dispatch

Quincy Institute

Chris Hedges

Freedom House

New Left Review

Open Democracy

Sputnik News (for the Russian perspective)


The Lever

Mintpress News


Scholars Warning

Facing Future

Al Jazeera English

Noam Chomsky


Tom Hartmann Show

Democracy Now

Al Jazeera English

The Duran

Nature Bats Last

Paul Beckwith, climate systems scientist

Richard Wolf, Democracy at Work

Richard Wolf, Economist

The Intercept

Chris Hedges Fan Club

Climate Emergency Forum

Emil Cosman

Scott Ritter

Schiller Institute

Real News Network



Robert Reich

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