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Prophecy in history, lessons for our time

"Frieze of prophets" by Boston Public Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Rebel Jesus News examines bible prophecy fulfillment in history and in our time in order to discern the work of God in our world and how we should respond.  Like Jesus, the rebel who spoke truth to power, we do the same.  The writings in this site are based on the overall prophetic view found here.  If you are new to bible prophecy, you may want to start here first.  May the Lord bless your efforts to understand His prophecies and how they relate to your life today.

Disclaimer: Bible prophecy interpretation is complex, and as Sir Isaac Newton noted, generally not well understood until fulfillment. Yet Jesus told his disciples to "keep on the watch" and to "lift up your heads" when they see significant events--that deliverance is near. It is in this spirit that this is written: to help Christians make sense of today's events in the context of prophecy. There is no claim to inspiration or special insight. All errors are mine.

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